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다년간의 전화영어 경력 강사 중 우수한 실력의 원어민 강사진만을 선별하여 체계적인 강사교육 프로그램과 정철교수법으로 교육한 후 강의 진행을 하도록 합니다. 원어민 강사는 학생들의 영어성공을 완성시켜주기 위하여 매 수업내용을 Feedback해주는 등의
다양한 교육서비스를 제공해 드립니다.
Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication, Angeles University Foundation
Master of Arts major in English Teaching, Holy Angel University
Teacher Iya holds a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication with a specialization in Investigative Journalism from Angeles University Foundation - a very reputable school in the Philippines. Just to give a heads up about herself; she has been teaching ESL students for over 5 years now. This position enables her to provide students with a “head start” in mastering basic skills in English in different areas such as grammar, vocabulary, conversation and reading comprehension. She is challenged to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient. For her, teaching is not a job. It's a vocation that serves as her element. She always believes that learning should be fun. So, as a teacher, of course, she is humorous. She's been using humor for more than two years now to connect to her students. In other words, to be an excellent teacher, one must keep the students' attention without fear.

Furthermore, writes about stuff that matters and sometimes politics. She loves life and food. In addition, she has an obsessive passion for writing, romance, TV series (Suits, House of Cards, Sherlock, Gotham, you name it), her cat and adventure. She hopes to grow from her passion in writing and change the world one sentence at a time.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Teacher Mark is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He started his in career at Immaculate Concepcion Poly clinic and Hospital he worked four more than four years as a Ward Nurse. After working in the hospital, he underwent to a language training to improve his commination skills which he improves a lot and he graduated with honor and make him to decide to find a job which he can share his knowledge to others. Upon applying a job, he was hired as an online teacher in 2010. At first it was not easy for him however with his passion and determination of strives and gain more knowledge because he believes that being a Teacher do have similarities like a Nurse it's all about caring other people and sharing knowledge. And now he is teaching for more than 9 years and he is still looking forward for more years, because he believes that learning is a continuous process. Since you are reading this just enroll in our program and I will make sure after the program you will be fluent like a native speaker.
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (DVHTSU)
Want to have fun learning English? Teacher Ann can give you that!

Believing that learning should be fun, Teacher Ann usually conducts sessions in a very relaxed and comfortable manner while still retaining the soundness and coherence of the lesson. She believes in the idea that one will be able to learn more if one enjoys the learning. However, if you want the lesson to be a little more formal, she could easily accommodate that, too. It’s your learning choice that matters!

Teacher Ann studied Civil Engineering in Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University. Being an engineering student trained her to be systematic and analytical. On the other hand, she also worked on a private school as a subject instructor which taught her that learning should be fun so students could learn better. Both trainings helped her as she worked as an Accounting Officer for two years and worked as a school-based English tutor for Korean exchange students in the past.

Not only that! Teacher Ann also loves to read and travel so you could talk to her about a wide-range of subjects. She also loves to eat, so if you like to talk about food, that’s okay, too! Don’t worry, she goes to the gym to burn that There’s no need to be shy around her. If you’re having a hard time on a topic, just let her know and she’ll help you through it on your own pace.

Even if you just want someone to practice English conversations with, Teacher Ann is there to help you!

So don’t worry, learning is fun! Just ask for Teacher Ann!
Bachelor of Computer Programming NCIV
Teacher Jessica is a graduate of computer programming from Integrated Computer School Foundation.

For her teaching is not merely a job. It’s a passion. This position enables her to provide students with a head start in mastering basic skills in English. For her teaching is a lot more of a passion than a job because teacher means extending all your efforts and required a lot of patience. She always believes that teaching means allowing the children to pursue their passions, and supporting them along the way.

She loves writing and food. In addition she loves reading and doing poems about life.
Hello, my name is Teacher Eunice, I live in Pampanga, Philippines.

I took Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at Systems Plus College foundation.

I worked as a Man-To-Man teacher at Global Standard, I used to teach vietnamese, and korean students before. I also worked at Ivoline Contents Center as a English Instructor Associate, I used to teach Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. And lastly I worked as a ESL teacher at Path of Blessings English Services, I used to teach Korean kids around 4 years old to 16 years old. I believed that as a teacher, you’re the most important part of a young student’s life.

Your love of learning can be infectious and inspiring to any student you teach.

Remember how you nurture the courage in a pupil’s heart. You are a tutor, an enabler, and a caregiver combined, and you can-and will-make a difference.
My name is Teacher Ezra.

I took Bachelor of Elementary in Education at Pampanga State Agricultural University. I worked as an online English teacher in Lewaijiao from November 2017 to July 2018.

I like watching English movies, in this way, I can improve more in terms of my English skills.

I also do photography when I have free time. For me, teaching is not only learning the things that you will see in the book, but also giving a big heart to the students. Because it is very important to have a great communication or interaction with the student to make your class conducive to learning and enjoyable at the same time.
God is good all the time! Hi ! I am Kristel, a dedicated and flexible ESL Instructor.

I studied Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science.

I do love reading and watching movies, Korean and Chinese Drama.

I also enjoy listening and singing Korean songs.

It's my pleasure to have a student whose nationality is different from mine. Teaching is my passion, and as a teacher I want to inspire my student and teach them to love learning.

Is it difficult to learn English? Let me tell you this, you're never too old or too young to learn English so keep on studying! Remember... I'm always here to teach, help, and guide you.

I hope to see you in my class!
Hello! My name is Shellah, I studied Bachelor of Science in Travel Management in Our Lady of Fatima University.

I like reading books, watching movies/series, and playing word games for me to enhance my vocabulary and communication skills. My experience in teaching speaks well of my capability to teach, having tutored a number of students in different levels.

I am more than happy to share my knowledge in English and help you improve your English communication skills.

Studying English is fun! Hoping to see you in my class.